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Jin Ming Technology to create a large factory in Mondelēz International logistics delivery system
2017-12-181882Jinming TechnologyFontsize

Jin Ming technology for the world's second-largest food company Mondelēz International to build a factory-level logistics and transportation system of a project passed the Jin-ming factory acceptance test, and sent to the customer factory this week.

Founded in 2001, Jiangsu world's Jinming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd. is involved in robotic automation since 2006. It specializes in manufacturing a full range of international advanced transmission solutions, including high-speed sorters, conveyor systems, laser and appearance recognition technologies Multi-SKU plant logistics delivery system, fully automated logistics warehousing system based on robot, AGV and next-generation access technology, fully automated loading robot system based on robot and guidance recognition technology, widely used in food, beverage, express logistics , Electronic 3C, home appliances, cars and so on.


The high-speed confluence machine that Jin Ming Technology designs for Mondelēz International is extremely complex. The long-distance conveyor lines, high-speed sorters and ABB palletizing robots throughout the mill can provide clients with processing capacity of 130 to 140 boxes per minute. To meet the simultaneous production of 28 different flavors of the product.


Since then, Jin Ming technology will also help Yizhi for Chinese consumers offer "hundreds of millions of good taste”。