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Jin Ming 18650 lithium battery line brilliant debut Shanghai Automotive Equipment Exhibition
2017-12-181903Jinming TechnologyFontsize

August 24-26, 2016, AMTS2016 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Materials Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Jinming Technology brought 18650 lithium battery PACK automation assembly line model group to the wonderful exhibition. At the exhibition site, the audience showed great interest in the exhibition model and promotional video of Jinming Technology. There was an endless stream of customers consulting on site.

Jin Ming technology tailored to customers world-class assembly automation solutions, with a highly automated process, the system has a high flexibility, rapid change capabilities, shorten the commissioning and delivery cycles, enabling customers to quickly return. As of August, Jinming Science and Technology has successively designed and manufactured 18650 lithium battery automated assembly line for Zhongketengneng, Zhongtai Automobile, Chuhan New Energy, Molding Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and won wide acclaim from customers.
Jiangsu Jin Ming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd., to create the world's most advanced production capacity 18650 lithium battery assembly line, with five core design ideas.

First, a highly automated production line. Layout of the three module lines +1 PACK line to meet the 300 / day capacity, across the board highly automated.

Second, high reliability design. The robot is used for the realization of the core functions. The double-station servo slide table design is adopted among all the stations. The robot has the characteristics of high precision and easy changing. Combined with the buffer station, it can absorb the fluctuation of production capacity across the board and improve the production flexibility.

Third, real-time display of production information. Equipped with data acquisition and processing system to meet the needs of MES information collection, large TV wall in the entrance area configuration, real-time display of the entire battery line production information.


Fourth, human intervention. In the case of an abnormal process on the next / next process, the product can be manually placed / removed from the transplanting platform, and the period can be greatly shortened during debugging.
Fifth, to reduce non-standard design. A large number of standard six-axis industrial robots to improve the level of automation and stability, such as cell sorting, into the shell and other fast and key stations.