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Jin Ming Technology won the bid Xuan Gaoke two lithium battery modules and PACK line
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In May 2017, Jinming won the bid of Guoxuan Tech's "Battery Module and System PACK Project", which includes two lithium battery module lines and PACK lines. From 2015 to 2017, JinMing Science & Technology strode along the power battery manufacturing equipment business chain and won many well-known enterprises such as ZhongTai Motors, Haida, cars and homes, and gradually laid the leading position in the domestic gold battery supplier's automated assembly line status.

The cooperation between Jin Ming Technology and Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. is another strong proof of the strength and technology of Jin Ming Technology. Guoxuan Tech ranked fourth in the 2016 annual lithium battery sales revenue and sales rankings on the "2016 China Top 20 List of China Power Lithium Batteries" released by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. Power battery companies and the well-known new energy automotive companies Kam Ming technology recognition, will further enhance Kam Ming technology in the power battery industry's influence.

Jiangsu Jin Ming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd., through continuous technological upgrading and precipitation, to achieve a great improvement in product performance and performance of the explosive growth, market share continues to grow. In 2017, Jin Ming Technology will continue to create "informatization, intelligent and flexible lithium battery module and PACK assembly line" and lead the future development of new energy vehicles with its industry partners.