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Jin Ming won the
2017-12-191812Jinming TechnologyFontsize

- Kam Ming Technology to become the audience the strongest presence of enterprises

May 17-19, 2017, the "Seventh China International Forum on New Energy Vehicles" was held in Shanghai. On the opening day of the first day, Jinming Technology was awarded the title of "Best New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Equipment Award ", the achievement of intelligent battery power production once again won the industry.

Technology excellence on the market is widely praised the foundation, look Jinming technology in the lithium battery equipment business leap process, won this award deserved. 2015-2017 In the short span of three years, Jin Ming Technology has achieved outstanding results in lithium battery modules / PACK lines. It has gradually established the recognition of many first-tier brand customers such as Zhongtai Automobile, Haida Si, Guoxuan Tech, Jinming domestic lithium battery automation assembly line gold supplier quality reputation.

The current China International Forum on New Energy Vehicles, gathered around the world vehicle manufacturers, power grid companies, battery manufacturers, component suppliers, core technology providers and government officials, participants of Jin Ming Technology at the meeting Discuss challenges and opportunities for the new energy automotive industry with industry experts and partners, especially in the power battery sector, actively share and share the development prospects of the current power market and introduce cutting-edge technologies.

Next, Jinming Technology will continue to create "information, intelligent, flexible lithium battery modules and PACK assembly line", together with industry partners to lead the new energy vehicles in the future direction. Just as the entire 600-person conference venue Jin Ming technology LOGO, the future of science and technology in the power battery industry, a stronger sense of presence can not be ignored.