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Jin Ming Technology KUKA Partner Day to attend, won the Best Application Award
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On September 27, KUKA Robot held a grand grand ceremony of the 3rd Cooperation System Partner Day with the theme of "putting all wisdom together and inspiring the future". Jiangsu Jin Ming Industrial Robot Automation Co., Ltd. invited to attend the event and won the "2016 Electronics Industry - Best Application Award."

Since 2012, Jin Ming Technology and KUKA to establish a strategic partnership since the two sides in the lithium battery assembly line, robotic palletizing automatic production line, fully automatic opening and closing machine package, the robot 3C assembly line, large factory logistics and delivery systems and other fields Achieve perfect cooperation once and for all to work together to promote Industrial 4.0 and China Smart Manufacturing 2025.

At this event, Synaptic brought together more than 300 KUKA partners from across the country to experience and share the world's leading robotic products and technologies, and to communicate and explore win-win development strategies. Jin Ming technology will, as always, continue to deepen the cooperation with the world's leading robotics enterprises such as KUKA to deeply tap the needs of the industry and bring customers the most perfect products and solutions.