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Full- Automatic All-In-One Machine Of Unpacking, Packing And Sealing

Product Introduction

Full-automatic all-in-one machine of unpacking, installing and sealing is a new generation of carton packaging equipment independently researched by Jinming itself. This equipment takes robot technology as the core; it adopts the robots to realize the unpacking and installing. The main accessories and electrical components have all adopted international famous brand, which has greatly improved the stability of equipment operation.
Set the three functions of unpacking, installing and sealing as a whole, the structure is tight, the integration level is high and occupied area is small. Meanwhile, it has the features of high degree of automation, fast speed of installing, high safety. It is especially suitable to the applications of multi-industrial lightweight products of food, daily chemical and office supplies.

Performance Index

1、Rated load:≤3kg;
2、Installing method: vertical installing;
3、Unpacking method: vertical unpacking;
4、Installing capacity:1.2s/cycle;
5、Unpacking capacity:20case/min;
6、Sealing method: hot melt adhesive;

Technical Feature

1、Tight structure, small occupied area;
2、High degree of automation, strong expandability;
3、High flexibility, simple operation and maintenance;
4、Humanized design, high security, the product design is conformed to the international security design standard of category3;
5、It has Ethernet interface , which can joint with upper management software , gather and analyze the data . It is easy for the manager to timely master equipment operation condition.