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Coating Workstation

Product Introduction

As the high-end custom models in the industry, gluing workstation has adopted imported dispensing technology from Germany, with the features of stable performance, ultra-low noise, safety and stabilitF, quickly and efficiently, It is suitable for the dispensing applications in the industries of electron, household appliances, kitchen electric appliance, automobile, food, new energy.

Technical Features

1、Path dispensing of integration on three-axis module or robots can realize three-dimensional or four-dimensional path dispensing, Quick dot, scribing, circle drawing and all kinds of irregular path can be done on product surface, ektexine, vertical, aperture, spherical surface.

2、The editing operation of dispensing path is simple and convenient, which can be imported by computer graphics or edited by touch screen.

3、PLC control dispensing, time control can reach to millisecond precision, It has the features of high dispensing accuracy, high positional accuracy, no drawing, no leakage and no glue dripping.

4、It has wide range of application; all kinds of working table can be customized by product size. It can also be customized and loaded on all kinds of conveyor lines, like conveyor belt line and speed chain.

5、It applies to many types of glue of one-component and two components glue, and liquid dispensing of glue, paint and ink in various concentration. Pressure barrel in large volume can be equipped to reserve assignments.