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Factory Logistics System

Product Introduction

Factory-level logistics system can supply a whole factory-level logistics system to customers, including installing, stacking, transportation, RGV, AGV and automatic stereoscopic warehouse. Sufficiently taking use of the flexibility of robots can greatly improve maintainability and expansibility of system.

The whole system takes the robot technology as the core, which adopts many advanced industry equipment and technology of flexible transport system, high speed automatic sorting system, infrared (wireless) communication technology and barcode (vision) detection technology. It has independently researched factory-level DCS dispatching system software, MES manufacturing management software, and realized dynamic assignment of material by using computer dispatching management system. MES manufacturing management software can analyze the system information data, supply visual statements and printing function, and realize the data connection with ERP,SAP.

System Advantage

The application of this system has solved the operation problems of many customer production lines, many specifications, high strength hand palletizing and many employees, it has realized concentrated stacking in many specifications which gives priority to carton package. By the technology of "Internet +" and intelligent terminal equipment, it has helped manufacturing enterprise to realize digital management, improve automation level of manufacturing enterprise and create intelligent factory which is conformed to Industry 4.0. It will improve the efficiency during the manufacturing and logistics process, reduce the labor intensity and reduce operation cost of enterprise.

Technical Feature

1、High degree of automation, full-automatic operation of whole system;
2、It adopts the robots to improve system flexibility, the operation and maintenance is simple;
3、Modular design has greatly improved the expandability of system.;
4、Humanized design, high security and system design are conformed to the international security design standard of category 3.;
5、It has Ethernet interface, which can joint with upper management software.;
6、It can collect and analyze data, and supply visual statement。