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Large Leaning Blanket Batch Charger


The large leaning blanket batch charger are applied to large float glass production lines, which are installed in front of the feeding pool for feeding into glass melting furnace. Our large leaning blanket batch charger have been widely applied to the float production lines at home and abroad, such as CSG Holding, Yaohua Group, Shandong Jinjing Technology and Jiangsu Farun Group, etc.

The main technical parameters and performance

Feeder width

7200 7800 8200 9200 9800

10200 10800 11500 12000

The maximum amount of daily feed


Feeding station reciprocating trip

175,210,240 Third gear

Feeding station reciprocating frequency

0.45-4.5 1/min

The discharge port gate opening


Feeding mouth to the operating floor height

800(To be determined)

Projection table tilt angle