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Laser Cutting Equipment

Product Introduction

Equipment appearance dimension: 6m×4m×4m
Equipment compatibility: it can compatible with automobile diversion plate of the models of A28, 041,071
Equipment efficiency: the laser drilling just needs 30s to finish the single diversion plate products.

Product Function

Servo control system controls the rotation and rollover angle of rotating table, which has realized accurate positioning of precuts.

The full-automatic laser of servo intermediate frequency robot hits diversion plate in every direction and angle.

Technical Features

1.High degree of automation: product modeling, rotation and full-automatic laser drilling process can be done without manual intervention. It adopts laser to drill, the accuracy is high, trimming is smooth and efficiency is high.
2.Flexible production line: by adjusting different laser drilling process in stock and using relevant modeling, many drilling process of diversion plate products can be realized, the switch is convenient and efficient.
3.Software real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring to product modeling, product rotation and the process of laser drilling.